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Garden World

Discover a universe full of plants and animals, and save them from corruption.

Be Tane

You are Tane, a happy seed that lives on a small planet with its friends. Your planet has been invaded, and your friends have been taken away. Fortunately, a really large golden ladybug appears to guide you in the use of your secret powers.

  • Water Trail: water the ground with your water tail or capture enemies in a water geyser
  • Sunlight Trail: illuminate the surroundings and purify the enemies with your trail of sunlight
  • Plant Trail: discover trigger nature favors using the your green trail in many ways

Find your way on intricate planets

Most of the time, the surface of the planets is all but flat. Not only will you need to develop an excellent sense of direction, but you’ll also have to create new paths using the environment and your skills to your favor.

Turn enemies into friends

Use the Sunlight Trail to purify the corruption out of innocent animals, but be careful: some corrupt beings have developed defensive strategies that may require the use of the Trails of Water and Plants. Sometimes, even the surroundings can hold the key to a successful purification!

Explore the universe

Where are your friends? Not even the Great Daurburuz seems to know. Check each and every planet in the GardenWorld universe, and discover a variety of species and biomes, full of native flora and fauna:

  • Tropical biome: ficus, zamias and palm trees shelter white monkeys and bats during rains and floods.
  • Mediterranean biome: pine three, cacti and aloe vera draw shadows where mice and lizards can rest during the sunniest hours
  • Asian biome: golden orb spiders, hedgehogs and rhinoceros beetles populate the ginkgos and pines of the land of the rising sun
  • African biome: African ladybugs and the atellerix really need the shadow of dragon blood trees and baobabs to survive in the heavy sun
  • European biome: the firs and ferns of the lush green European biome shelter mice, ladybugs and moles

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Yeah! Hello World, we are Team Garden and we are glad to bring you our first game: GardenWorld.

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